The International Conference Computation Mathematics and Mathematical Problems of Mechanics within the framework of Ukrainian Mathematical Congress-2009 dedicated to the centurial of Academician Nikolai N. Boholiubov was held in Lviv on the basis of Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics, NASU, August 31 September 4, 2009, where leading researchers in mechanics and mathematics of Ukraine and from abroad participated.
246 participants expressed a wish to participate in the Conference. They were from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Poland, Israel, Italy, Germany, Sweden, China, Norway, Taiwan and USA.
The Conference Program and Proceeding were published to the Conference beginning.
102 reports: 14 plenary, 15 computation mathematics, 47 mathematical problems of mechanics, 26 mathematical modeling in natural history inclusive were presented at the Conference.
The Conference helped to coordinate the researches in many directions of mechanics and mathematics and its applications, to establish new contacts between scientists, involve young-people into active scientific work.