Second Announcement

1. General Information

The 9-th International Algebraic Conference in Ukraine will take place on July 8-13, 2013 in L’viv. The conference is organized jointly by the

2. Organizing committee

  • R. Kushnir (L'viv) - Co-head of the Committee,
  • M. Zarichnyi (L'viv) - Co-head of the Committee,
  • M. Komarnytskyi (L'viv) - Vice-head of the Committee,
  • V. Petrychkovych (L'viv) - Vice-head of the Committee,
  • V. Shchedryk (L'viv) - Secretary of the Committee.

    Program committee

  • Yu. Drozd (Kyiv) - Head of the Committee.


    Arnautov V. (Chisinau), Artamonov V. (Moscow), Artemovich O. (Krakow), Baginski C. (Bialystok), Banakh T. (L’viv), Bavula V. (Sheffield), Bovdi A. (Debrecen), Coelho F. (São Paulo), Chernikov M. (Kyiv), Couchot F. (Caen), Dlab V. (Ottawa), Dubrovin N. (Vladimir), Futorny V. (São Paulo), Grigorchuk R. (Texas), Ivanov A. (Wroclaw), Holubowski W. (Gliwice), Kashu A. (Chisinau), Kilp M. (Tartu), Kirichenko V. (Kyiv), Knauer U. (Düsseldorf), Kozhukhov I. (Moscow), Krempa J. (Warsaw), Kurdachenko L. (Dnipropetrovsk), Lavrenyuk Ja. (Kyiv), Lyman F. (Sumy), Lyubashenko V. (Kyiv) McGovern W. (Bowling Green), Mikhalev A, (Moscow), Novikov B. (Kharkiv), Okninski J. (Warsaw), Ol’shanskii A. (Nashville), Osin D. (Nashville), Petravchuk A. (Kyiv), Protasov I. (Kyiv), Puczylowski E. (Warsaw), Ruzicka P. (Prague), Sergejchuk V. (Kyiv), Sharko V. (Kyiv), Shemetkov L. (Gomel), Shestakov I. (São Paulo), Subbotin I. (Los Angeles), Sushchansky V. (Gliwice), Trlifaj J. (Prague), Tuganbaev A. (Moscow), Varbanets P. (Odesa). Wiegand R. (Lincoln), Yanchevskii V. (Minsk), Zabavsky B. (L'viv), Zaicev M. (Moscow), Zelmanov E. (San Diego), Žemlička J. (Prague).

    3. Topical Sections

  • 1. Representations and Linear algebra,
  • 2. Group Theory and Algebraic Dynamics,
  • 3. Rings and Modules,
  • 4. Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory,
  • 5. Algebraic Topology and Topological Algebra,
  • 6. Model Theory and Applied Algebra,
  • 7. Semigroups, Quasigroups, S-acts and other Algebraic Systems.

    4. Talks

    We plan plenary talks (45 min), section talks (25 min). The working languages of the conference are English (preferable), Ukrainian and Russian.

    5. Registration and Abstracts

    Persons interested in participating in the conference are kindly asked to register as well as to send one page abstract (in English) which should be prepared in LaTeX.

    The registration fee is 150 EURO (for accompanying persons 50 EURO). The registration fee for the Ukrainian citizens and CIS and Georgia citizens is 350 UAH (150 UAH for accompanying persons, students, postgraduate students). The registration fee is to be paid upon arrival in Lviv. The fee covers organization costs: abstracts, coffee-breaks and cultural program.

    We regret that travel and daily expenses cannot be paid by the Organizing Committee.

    6. Deadlines

    The deadline for registration is extended to April 15, 2013 and for sending abstracts is extended to May 25, 2013.

    7. Passport and Visa Requirements

    Please inform us if you need an official invitation from the Organizing Committee. The official invitation from the Organizing Committee is generally not enough to obtain the visa. You can get the visa through a tourist company or through a Ukrainian Embassy nearest to you. Please apply for your visa in advance, keeping in mind that a waiting time may be lengthy.

    8. Insurance

    The Organizing Committee does not provide insurance for travel to and/or from the meeting location and a week's stay there. It is therefore the responsibility of the participants to take care of their travel and health insurance as necessary.

    9. Social Events

    Social events will include Welcome party, Excursion day and Conference Dinner.

    10. Contacts


    Ivan Franko National University of Lviv 1, Universytetska St., Lviv, 79000, Ukraine.

    Fax: +38 (032) 261-60-48,

    Phone: +38 (032) 239-43-25

    Organizing Committee


    Those willing to get further information about the conference please send an email to the organizers:

    We will be glad to meet you and your colleagues in Lviv.
    Please post this announcement in your institution.
    Our Web Site: