Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. – 2014. – 57, No. 4




2014, 57, No. 4

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Lichuk Yu. S. Generalized Dunkl – Opdam ope­ra­tor and its pro­per­ti­es in the spa­ces of ana­ly­tic func­ti­ons in do­mains

2014, 57, No. 4

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Sharyn S. V. Gâteaux differentiability of po­ly­no­mi­al test and ge­ne­ra­li­zed func­ti­ons

2014, 57, No. 4

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Fedorchuk V. І. On invariant so­lu­ti­ons of so­me fi­ve-di­men­si­onal d’Alem­bert equa­ti­ons

2014, 57, No. 4

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Botsenyuk O. M. On decay estimates of the so­lu­ti­ons of ini­ti­al-boun­da­ry va­lue prob­lem for the sys­tem of se­mi­li­ne­ar equa­ti­ons of mag­ne­to­elas­ti­ci­ty in ex­te­ri­or do­mains

2014, 57, No. 4

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Makarov V. L., Demkiv I. I. Interpolating integral con­ti­nu­ed frac­ti­on of Thi­le ty­pe

2014, 57, No. 4

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Paimushin V. N., Tarlakovsky D. V., Ga­zi­zul­lin R. К., Lu­ka­she­vich A. Investigation of different va­ri­ants for the sta­te­ment of so­und in­su­la­ti­on prob­lem of a rec­tan­gu­lar plate sur­roun­ded by acoustic me­dia

2014, 57, No. 4

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Zuyeva T. I. Vortex mo­ti­on equa­ti­ons in Bose – Ein­stein con­den­sa­tes: in­flu­en­ce of ro­ta­ting and in­ho­mo­ge­nei­ty of den­si­ty

2014, 57, No. 4

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Nahirnyi T. S., Chervinka K. A. Mass sources and mo­de­ling near-sur­face he­te­ro­ge­nei­ty in so­lids

2014, 57, No. 4

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Kaminsky A. A., Dudyk M. V., Kipnis L. A. The investigation of prefracture zo­ne at the tip of in­ter­fa­cia­l crack in an elas­tic bo­dy un­der shear within the fra­me­work of the com­plex model

2014, 57, No. 4

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Grigorenko Ya. M., Rozhok L. S. Equilibrium of elas­tic hol­low in­ho­mo­ge­ne­ous cy­lin­ders with a cross-sec­tion in the form of con­vex se­mi-cor­ru­ga­ti­ons

2014, 57, No. 4

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Ostrik V. І., Ulitko А. F. Bending of par­tial­ly sup­por­ted cir­cu­lar pla­te

2014, 57, No. 4

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Harmatii H. Yu., Popovych V. S. Modeling and de­ter­mi­na­ti­on of the un­stea­dy ther­mo­elas­tic sta­te of a double-layer ther­mo­sen­si­ti­ve pla­te

2014, 57, No. 4

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Protsiuk B. V. Determination of thermo­elas­tic sta­te of pie­ce­wi­se in­ho­mo­ge­ne­ous thermo­sen­si­ti­ve bo­dies with cy­lind­ri­cal in­ter­fa­ces

2014, 57, No. 4

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Maksymovych V. M., Solyar T. Ya. An axisymmetric thermo­plas­ti­ci­ty prob­lem for a pie­ce­wi­se ho­mo­ge­ne­ous ring

2014, 57, No. 4

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Sachuk Yu. V., Maksymuk О. V. Analysis of the stress-strain sta­te in a bo­dy un­der the ac­ti­on of ri­gid stamps of va­ri­ous sha­pes

2014, 57, No. 4

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Bomba A. Ya., Hladka O. M. Problems on iden­ti­fi­ca­ti­on of the pa­ra­me­ters of qua­si­ide­al fil­tra­ti­on pro­ces­ses in non­li­near-la­ye­red po­rous me­dia

2014, 57, No. 4

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Shevchuk V. А., Havrys’ O. P. Choice of ite­ra­ti­ve me­thod for sol­ving non­li­ne­ar non­sta­tio­na­ry heat con­duc­tion prob­lem for half-space un­der ra­di­a­ti­ve coo­ling

2014, 57, No. 4

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To the 60-th birth anniversary of R. М. Kushnir, cor­res­pon­ding-mem­ber of NAS of Uk­rai­ne

2014, 57, No. 4

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ALPHABETICAL INDEX for 2014 (vol. 57)

2014, 57, No. 4

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