Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2015. 58, No. 4




2015, 58, No. 4

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Antonova T. M., Sus O. M. Sufficient conditions for equivalent convergence of sequence of different approximants for two-dimensional continued fractions

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (01a)


Shavarovskii B. Z. The semiscalar equivalence and quasi-diagonal similarity of matrices

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (02a)


Pyrch N. M. On generalized retracts and isomorphic classification of free objects. I

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (03a)


Sukhorolsky M. A. Solutions of boundary value problems for Helmholtz equation in simply connected domains of complex plane

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (04a)


Lila D. M., Martynyuk A. A. Eccentric form of stability loss of a rotating elastoplastic radially inhomogeneous stepped circular disc

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (05a)


Obodan N. I., Gromov V. A. Nonlinear deformation and branching of solutions of boundary value problem of the theory of shells with the delamination under external pressure

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (06a)


Grigorenko Ya. M., Rozhok L. S. Analysis of the stress state of hollow cylinders with concave corrugated cross section

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (07a)


Kit H. S., Andriychuk R. M. Influence of stationary heat source on stress state of half-space with hardly, smoothly or flexibly clamped boundary

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (08a)


Vaysfeld N. D., Zhuravlova Z. Yu. The plane mixed thermoelasticity problem for the semi-strip

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (09a)


Makhorkin I. M., Mastykash L. V. On one analytical-numerical method of solution for the one-dimensional quasi-static thermoelasticity problem for thermosensitive body of simple geometry

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (10a)


Tokova L. P., Yasinskii A. V. An approximate solution to the one-dimensional problem of elasticity for a non-homogeneous solid cylinder

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (11a)


Shvaiko M. Yu. Plastic deformation of materials under loading along piecewise smooth trajectories with areas of unloading by elastic law

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (12a)


Opanasovych V. K., Slobodyan M. S. Biaxial bending isotropic plate with a through-thickness rectilinear crack with accounting the width of a contact zone of its faces and in the presence of plastic zones near its tips

2015, 58, No. 4

abstract (13a)


Sachuk Yu. V., Maksymuk . V. Contact problem on wear by punches of canonical shape of elastic half-plane with the Winklers coating

2015, 58, No. 4

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ALPHABETICAL INDEX for 2015 (vol. 58)

2015, 58, No. 4

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