VIII International Conference
on Mathematical Problems
of Mechanics of Inhomogeneous Structures

September 14Ė17, 2010

Líviv, Ukraine

Program Committee

The Conference will comprise plenary lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions on the following problems:

Scientific Program

  1. Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Deformable Solids.
  2. Mathematical Methods of Mechanics and Thermomechanics.
  3. Mechanics of Inhomogeneous Solids and Nanomechanics.
  4. Mechanics of Contact Interaction, Solids with Cracks and Thin Inclusions.
  5. Dynamic Problems of Mechanics of Inhomogeneous Structures.
  6. Biomechanics.
  7. Optimization and Design of Structure Elements.


    • Mathematical Problems of Fracture Mechanics (dedicated to 80-th birth anniversary of prof. H.S. Kit, cor. member of NASU).
    • Mathematical Modeling in Mechanics of Design Shell Elements and Constructions with Inherent Stresses (dedicated to 70-th birth anniversary of prof. V.A. Osadchuk).
    • Mathematical Models and Methods of Mechanics of Design Thin-Walled Elements (in memory of prof. B.L. Pelekh and his 70-th birth anniversary).

    Official Languages of the Conference will be Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Organizing Committee

First Announcement
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Preparation and Submission of Abstracts
Conference fee