Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2012. 55, No. 4




2012, 55, No. 4

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Kalenyuk P. I., Kohut I. V., Nytrebych Z. M., Yarka U. B. Problem with nonhomogeneous integral time condition for partial differential equation of first order in time and infinite order in spatial variables

2012, 55, No. 4

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Hut V. M. . .Asymptotic expansions of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of vibrating system with stiff and light-weight inclusions

2012, 55, No. 4

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Pukach P. Ya. Qualitative investigation methods of mathematical model of nonlinear vibrations of belt conveyor

2012, 55, No. 4

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Altukhov E. V., Simbratovich E. V., Fomenko M. V. Steady-state vibrations of two-layer plates with rigidly clamped flat faces and imperfect contact of layers

2012, 55, No. 4

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Skurativskyi S. I. . ., . .Chaotic wave solutions of nonlocal models for media with oscillating inclusions

2012, 55, No. 4

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Kryvyy O. F. . ., . .Tunnel inner crack in the piecewise homogeneous anisotropic space

2012, 55, No. 4

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Holdsteyn R. V., Kit H. S., Martynyak R. M., Serednytska Kh. I. Effect of partial closure of an interface crack with a heat-conducting filler and surface films in the case of thermal loading of bimaterial

2012, 55, No. 4

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Kaminsky A. A., Selivanov M. F., Chornoivan Y. O. . .Determination of displacements of faces of two collinear cracks of unequal lengths using Leonov Panasyuk model

2012, 55, No. 4

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Sulym H. T., Turchyn I. M. . .Axisymmetric quasi-static thermal stress state in a half-space with coating

2012, 55, No. 4

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Kryven V. A., Yavorska M. I., Kaplun A. V., Valjashek V. B. Plastic exfoliation f rigid rectangular inclusion under the action of the concentrated force

2012, 55, No. 4

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Ulitko A. F., Ostrik V. I. . .Frictional contact of rigid cone with elastic half-space

2012, 55, No. 4

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Senchenkov I. K., Oksenchuk N. D., Chervinko O. P. ., . ., . .Influence of microstructural transformation on the stress-strain state of steel cylinder irradiated by the heat impulse

2012, 55, No. 4

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Grigorenko Ya. M., Rozhok L. S. . .Stress state of hollow cylinders with a convex corrugated cross-section

2012, 55, No. 4

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Tuktamyshev V. S., Lokhov V. A., Nyashin Y. I. . .Independent stress control in heterogeneous systems with eigenstrains

2012, 55, No. 4

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Stashchuk M. H., Dorosh M. I. . .Estimation of the stress state of polymeric pipe constructions with hollow (cellular) structure of wall

2012, 55, No. 4

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Guk N. A., Obodan N. I. . .Algorithm for solving the inverse problem of shell theory

2012, 55, No. 4

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Khapko B. S., Chyzh A. I., Shvets R. M. . .Axisymmetric temperature field of a truncated conic shell with variable heat transfer coefficients

2012, 55, No. 4

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GertJan van Heijst. To the memory of V. V. Meleshko

2012, 55, No. 4



ALPHABETICAL INDEX for 2012 (vol. 55)

2012, 55, No. 4