Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2017. 60, No4



2017, 60, No. 4

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Ivasyshen S. D., Medynsky I. P. . .Classical fundamental solution of the Cauchy problem for ultraparabolic Kolmogorov-type equations with two groups of spatial variables of degeneration. I

2017, 60, No. 4

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Ivasyshen S. D., Turchyna N. I. Green`s matrix for model boundary value problem with vector parabolic weight

2017, 60, No. 4

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Pukalskyi . D., Yashan B. O. . . . .Nonlocal multipoint in time problem with an oblique derivative for a parabolic equation with degeneration

2017, 60, No. 4

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Shakhno S. . Gauss  Newton  Kurchatov method for solving nonlinear least squares problems

2017, 60, No. 4

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Savenko P. O. Numerical solution of a two-point boundary-value problem for a system of linear differential equations with non-linear two-dimensional spectral parameter

2017, 60, No. 4

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Shakeri Mobarakeh P., Grinchenko V. T., Popov V. V., Soltannia B., Zrazhevsky G. M. Modern methods of numerical-analytic solution of boundary value problems for non-canonical domains

2017, 60, No. 4

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Ostrik V. I. The inversion symmetry of solutions of the basic boundary value problems of two-dimensional elastic theory for the wedge

2017, 60, No. 4

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Kit H. S., Andriychuk R. M. . ., . .Thermal stress state of half-space with a free, rigidly, smoothly or flexibly fastened boundary at heat-insulation in a domain located on the plane parallel to boundary

2017, 60, No. 4

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Hachkevych O. R., Terletskii R. F., Brukhal M. B. Modeling and study of the thermal and stress state in the irradiated system, consisting from layers of different transparency, separated by a non-absorbing medium

2017, 60, No. 4

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Avramenko O. V., Naradovyi V. V., Luneva M. V., Selezov I. T. Wave propagation conditions in semi-infinite three-layer hydrodynamic system with rigid lid

2017, 60, No. 4

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Piddubniak O. P., Piddubniak N. G. ., . ., . .Scattering of frequency-modulated sound pulse on circular cylindrical thin elastic shell with a slit

2017, 60, No. 4

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Marchuk M. V., Tuchapskyy R. I. . .Analysis of the identical in form equations of some variants of the theory of plates in polar coordinates

2017, 60, No. 4

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ALPHABETICAL INDEX for 2017 (vol. 60)

2017, 60,  4

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