Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2018. 61, No. 3




2018, 61, No. 4

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Shchedryk V. P. Classification of parametric solutions of matrix one-sided equations by the transforming matrices of their characteristic matrices

2018, 61, No. 4

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Gutik O. V., Sobol O. Yu. On feebly compact semitopological semilattice expn λ

2018, 61, No. 4

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Hart E. L., Hudramovich V. S. Projective-iterative schemes for the implementation of variational-grid methods in the problems of elastoplastic deformation of inhomogeneous thin-walled structures

2018, 61, No. 4

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Kit H. S., Andriychuk R. M. Boussinesqs functions of the 3D thermoelasticity problems for half-space at the action of a heat source or thermal dipole

2018, 61, No. 4

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Kushnir R. M., Zhydyk U. V., Flyachok V. M. Thermoelastic analysis of functionally graded cylindrical shells

2018, 61, No. 4

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Yasinskyy A. V., Tokova L. P. Optimization of steady-state thermal displacements in a plane-deformed half-space by means of external thermal loading

2018, 61, No. 4

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Gristchak V. Z., Gristchak D. D., Dyachenko N. N. An effective approximate analytical solution to the stability problem of a three-layer conical shell under combined loading

2018, 61, No. 4

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Guk N. A., Kozakova N. L. Transmission of the three-dimensional basis of normal loading

2018, 61, No. 4

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Vasilev K. V., Sulim G. T. The direct cutting-out method in the problems of elastic equilibrium of anisotropic bodies with cracks under longitudinal shear

2018, 61, No. 4

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Opanasovych V. K., Nylolyshyn M. M., Slobodyan M. S., Alfavitska S. O., Bilash O. V. The compatible action of bending with the tension of an isotropic plate containing a crack without contact of their tips and with taking into account plastic zones and material strengthening

2018, 61, No. 4

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Maksymovych O. V., Solyar T. Ya., Kempa Ya. Investigation of bending of anisotropic plates with inclusions based on singular integral relations

2018, 61, No. 4

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Bilushchak Y. I., Chernukha O. Y. Modelling of heterodiffusion processes in two ways with cascade decay of admixture particles. I. Initial-boundary value problem by cascade kind

2018, 61, No. 4

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Kurennov S. S., Poliakov A. G., Barakhov K. P. On the two-dimensional stressed state of the adhesive joint of the rectangular plates. The nonclassical problem

2018, 61, No. 4

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Makhnenko O. V., Kostenevich E. S. Mathematical simulation of microstructure phase transformations at welding heating by example corrosion resistant cladding of the reactor vessel VVER-1000

2018, 61, No. 4

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