Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2018. 61, No. 1




2018, 61, No. 1

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National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is celebrating 100 years

2018, 61, No. 1

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Baranetskij Ya. O., Kalenyuk P. I., Kopach M. I. Nonlocal multipoint problem for partial differential equations with constant coefficients of even order

2018, 61, No. 1

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Ivasyshen S. D., Pasichnyk H. S. Ultraparabolic equations with infinitely growing coefficients in a group of minor terms and with degenerations on the initial hyperplane

2018, 61, No. 1

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Malytska H. P., Burtnyak I. V. . .Degenerate parabolic system of diffusion type with inertia

2018, 61, No. 1

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Holovata O. M., Mulyava O.M., Sheremeta M. M. Pseudostarlike, pseudoconvex and close-to-pseudoconvex dirichlet series satisfying differential equations with exponential coefficients

2018, 61, No. 1

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Povstenko Y. Z. From chemical potential tensor and concentration tensor to nonlocal continuum theories

2018, 61, No. 1

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Zuyeva T. I. Influence of dissipation on the vortex motion in the rotating Bose  Einstein condensates

2018, 61, No. 1

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Matsyuk R. Ya. Relativistic mechanics of constant curvature

2018, 61, No. 1

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Yankovskii A. P. . ., . .Refined model of thermo-elastic-plastic bending of layered plates of regular structure. I. Problem statement

2018, 61, No. 1

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Makhorkin M. I., Nykolyshyn M. M. Limit equilibrium of cylindrical shell with longitudinal crack taking into account the material inertia

2018, 61, No. 1

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Fesenko A. A., Moyseenok O. P. An exact solution to a nonstationary problem for an elastic layer with a cylindrical rigid inclusion

2018, 61, No. 1

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Kurpa L. V., Shmatko T. V. ., . ., . .Investigation of free vibrations and stability of functionally graded three-layer plates by means of the -functions and variational methods

2018, 61, No. 1

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Shopa T. V. . .Vibrations of an orthotropic doubly-curved panel with a set of openings of arbitrary configuration under mixed-type boundary conditions

2018, 61, No. 1

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Chekurin V. F., Postolaki L. I. . .Application of the variational method of homogeneous solutions for determination of axisymmetric residual stresses in finite cylinder

2018, 61, No. 1

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