Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2019. 62, No. 2





2019, 62, No. 2

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Turchyna N. I., Ivasyshen S. D. Correct solvability of model boundary-value problems with initial conditions and without them for a system parabolic in the sense of Eidelman in Hölder spaces of increasing functions

2019, 62, No. 2

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Dzhaliuk N. S. Solutions of matrix equation with triangular coefficients

2019, 62, No. 2

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Bilous A. M., Gatalevych A. I. Stable range of some classes of non-commutative rings

2019, 62, No. 2

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Prokopyshyn I. I., Shakhno S. M. Differential-difference iterative domain decomposition methods for problem of contact between elastic bodies with nonlinear Winkler surface layers

2019, 62, No. 2

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Kyryrchok I. F., Zhuk Y. A., Chernyushok Ye. ., Tarasov A. P. Axisymmetric resonant vibration and dissipative heating of the shear compliant viscoelastic cylindrical shell with piezoelectric sensors

2019, 62, No. 2

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Maksymuk A. V., Hanulich-anoukyan N. V. Thermoelastic behavior of infinite long cylindrical shell compliant to shears under the action of heat sources of variable power

2019, 62, No. 2

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Protsiuk B. V., Syniuta V. M. Non-stationary axisymmetric temperature field of an unlimited cylinder with variable through thickness thermophysical characteristics

2019, 62, No. 2

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Shevchuk V. A. The generalized boundary conditions of radiative-convective heat exchange of bodies with environment via multilayer nonplanar coatings

2019, 62, No. 2

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Yasinskyy A. V., Tokovyy Y. V. Control of two-dimensional steady-state thermal stresses in a half-space by means of the outer thermal impact

2019, 62, No. 2

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Yankovskii A. P. Critical analysis of the two-dimensional heat balance equations of composite plates, obtained on the basis of the variational principles of the theory of thermal conductivity. I. General two-dimensional theories

2019, 62, No. 2

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Grigorenko A. Ya., Yaremchenko S. N. On stress-strain state of elliptical cylinders in spatial formulation

2019, 62, No. 2

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Nazarenko V.M., Kipnis A. L. The influence of interphase shear cracks at a corner point of the interface in a bi-homogeneous body on the stress state in the vicinity of this point

2019, 62, No. 2

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Maksymovych O. V., Solyar T. Ya. Calculation of stress concentration near punches, holes and cracks in a half-plane based on the integral equation method and Greens solutions

2019, 62, No. 2

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Loveikin A. V. Equilibrium of the elastic half-plane with rigidly fixed boundary, which is weakened by a slanted cut

2019, 62, No. 2

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