Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2019. 62, No. 3





2019, 62, No. 3

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Berbyuk V. Weight-vibration Pareto optimization of a dual mass flywheel

2019, 62, No. 3

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Andreykiv O. E., Hembara N. T. A mathematical model for determination of the hydrogen concentration, that changes the mechanism of deformation

2019, 62, No. 3

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Hakobyan V. N., Amirjanyan H. A., Hakobyan L. V. Load transfer from a deformable patch to a compound half-plane with interfacial cracks

2019, 62, No. 3

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Popov V. G., Lytvyn . V. The stress state of an elastic body with a rigid inclusion with the shape of a broken line under harmonic wave impact

2019, 62, No. 3

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Stasyuk B. M. Effects due to surface tension of the spherical-cylindrical nanopore in the elastic medium

2019, 62, No. 3

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Protsiuk B. V. Thermoelastic state of a piecewise inhomogeneous orthotropic thermosensitive cylinder

2019, 62, No. 3

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Yankovskii A. P. Critical analysis of the two-dimensional heat balance equations of composite plates, obtained on the basis of the variational principles of the theory of thermal conductivity. II. Model problem

2019, 62, No. 3

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Dzyuba A. P., Sirenko V. N. Algorithmization of the determination of along-the-meridian variable physico-mechanical material properties of multilayer composite shells of revolution

2019, 62, No. 3

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Tkachuk M. . Elastic homogenization of materials with composite network structure

2019, 62, No. 3

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Sebestianiuk P., Perkowski D., Kulchytsky-Zhyhailo R. The maximum tensile stress in a micro-periodic composite half-space with slant layering under frictional contact on its surface

2019, 62, No. 3

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Habrusiev H. V., Habrusieva I. Yu., Shelestovskyi B. H. Contact interaction of a predeformed thick plate with a parabolic indenter

2019, 62, No. 3

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Belubekyan M. V., Sarkisyan S. V. Waves in a system thin layer  half-space with mixed boundary conditions

2019, 62, No. 3

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Avramenko O. V., Lunyova M. V. Analysis of the wave packets form in three-layer hydrodynamic system half space layer layer with a rigid cover

2019, 62, No. 3

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Chekurin V. F., Khymko O. M. Transient processes of gas flow in a pipeline caused by a local leakage

2019, 62, No. 3

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Chorna N. A., Hanchyn V. V. Implementation of mathematical modeling for improvement of mass-dimensional properties of metal hydride plants

2019, 62, No. 3

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TIMELINE AND INFORMATION. 10th International Scientific Conference Mathematical Problems of Mechanics of Nonhomogeneous Structures

2019, 62, No. 3

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