Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2020. 63, No. 3




2020, 63, No. 3

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Grigorenko Ya. ., Bespalova O. I., Boreiko N. P. Vibrations of conjugated shell systems under combined static loads

2020, 63, No. 3

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Kyrychok I. F., Zhuk Ya. A., Chernyushok Ye. ., Tarasov A. P. Axisymmetric resonant vibration and dissipative heating of the shear compliant inelastic cylindrical shell with piezoelectric actuators with rigidly fixed edges

2020, 63, No. 3

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Grigorenko A. Ya., Borysenko M. Yu., Boychuk E. V. Numerical evaluation of frequencies and modes of free vibrations of isosceles triangular plates with free edges

2020, 63, No. 3

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Kunets' Ya. I., Matus V. V., Maksymiv Yu. I., Rabosh R. V. Influence of a thin metal layer on the propagation of Bleustein  Gulyaev waves in piezoeletric bodies

2020, 63, No. 3

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Stankevych V. Z., Mykhaskiv V. V. Intensity of dynamic stresses of longitudinal shear mode in a periodically-layered composite with penny-shaped cracks

2020, 63, No. 3

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Vasilev K. V., Sulym H. T. Direct cutting-out method in modelling of orthotropic solids with thin elastic inclusions under longitudinal shear

2020, 63, No. 3

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Maksymovych . ., Kharchenko Ye. V. Stress determination in an anisotropic strip with holes using singular integral equations and Green's solution

2020, 63, No. 3

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Revenko V. P. Solutions of three-dimensional elasticity problems for orthotropic solids

2020, 63, No. 3

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Hrytsyna O. R. Nonclassical linear theories of continuum mechanics

2020, 63, No. 3

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Kit H. S., Andriychuk R. M. Thermoelastic state of a half-space due to the heat generation within a spherical domain

2020, 63, No. 3

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Vovk O. M., Solyar T. Ya. Thermoelastic state of contacting thermosensitive semi-space and layer under complex heat exchange

2020, 63, No. 3

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Antonenko N. M., Tkachenko I. H., Shupchynska K. S. Axisymmetric thermoelastic deformation of a multilayer foundation with imperfect thermal contact of its layers

2020, 63, No. 3

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Maksymuk . V. Sachuk Yu. V, Yatsyuk S. M. Plane contact problems for an elastic foundation with two bedding coeffiients

2020, 63, No. 3

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Pyanylo Ya. D. Mathematical modeling of mass transfer in complex technical and biomedical systems

2020, 63, No. 3

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