Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2013. 56, No. 4




2013, 56, No. 4

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Kalenyuk P. I., Kuduk G., Kohut I. V., Nytrebych Z. M. Problem with integral conditions for differential-operator equation

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (01a)


Kuchminska Kh. Yo. Stability in evaluating two-dimension continued fractions

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (02a)


Bodnar D. I., Bubniak M. M. Estimates for speed of pointwise and uniform convergence of 1-periodic branched continued fraction of a special form

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (03a)


Dmytryshyn R. I. The two-dimensional generalization of Rutishausers qd-algorithm

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (04a)


Kuz A. M., Ptashnyk B. Yo. Problem with integral conditions with respect to time for system of equations of dynamic elasticity theory

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (05a)


Pukalskyi I. D., Isaryuk I. M. Nonlocal parabolic boundary value problems with features

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (06a)


Romaniv A. M., Shchedryk V. P. Least common right multiple of matrices with one different from unity invariant factor

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (07a)


Dmytryshyn M. I. Tensor products of approximation spaces associated with regular elliptic operators

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (08a)


Savenko P. O. Synthesis of radiating systems with flat aperture according to the prescribed directivity pattern by power. I. Finding the set of bifurcation points of solutions

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (09a)


Dyyak I. I., Prokopyshyn I. I., Yashchuk Yu. O. Combined algorithm of domain decomposition and h-adaptation for solving elastic contact problems

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (10a)


Lavrenyuk M. V. Application of modified boundary element method to elasticity problems of piecewise-homogeneous anisotropic media

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (11a)


Kryvyi O. F. utual influence of interfacial tunnel crack and inclusion in a piecewise-homogeneous anisotropic space

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (12a)


Kirakosyan R. M., Stepanyan S. P. Thermoelasticity problem for an orthotropic plate-strip of variable thickness with account of transverse shear

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (13a)


Erzhakov G. V., Shaldyrvan V. A. To the problem of cylindrical bending of transtropic layer with cavity

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (14a)


Kovalev Yu. D., Shramko Yu. V. A tension of thick-walled shell of finite length with faces covered by diaphragm

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (15a)


Bobylov A. A. (Jr), Loboda V. V. The axisymmetric contact problem of thermoelasticity for a three-layer elastic cylinder with hard non-uniformly heated core

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (16a)


Scherbakova Yu. A. Stress-strain state of a transversely isotropic half-space with paraboloidal basis with different elastic characteristic

2013, 56, No. 4

abstract (17a)


Kushnir R. M., Tokovyy Yu. V. Review on ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THERMAL STRESSES

2013, 56, No. 4

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ALPHABETICAL INDEX for 2013 (vol. 56)

2013, 56, No. 4

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