Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2014. 57, No. 3




2014, 57, No. 3

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Gutik O. V., Pozdniakova I. V. Congruences on the monoid of monotone injective partial selfmaps of Ln x lexZ with co-finite domains and images

2014, 57, No. 3

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Kuz A. M. Problem with integral conditions with respect to time for Shilov parabolic systems of equations

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (02a)


Ilkiv V. S., Nytrebych Z. M. The estimate of a measure of the level set for solutions of differential equations with constant coefficients

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (03a)


Baranetsky Ya. O., Basha A. A. Nonlocal multipoint problem for differential operator equations of 2nth order

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (04a)


Bak S. M. Existence of heteroclinic travelling waves in a system of nonlinear oscillators on two dimensional lattice

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (05a)


Kirichok I. F., Senchenkov I. K. Axisymmetric resonant vibrations and vibroheating-up of thermoviscoelastic cylindrical shell with piezoelectric sensors and actuators

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (06a)


Kaloerov S. A., Samodurov A. . Electro-viscoelasticity problem for multi-connected plates

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (07a)


Chernobryvko M. V., Avramov K. V. Natural vibrations of parabolic shells

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (08a)


Pasternak Ia. M., Sulym H. T., Piskozub L. H. Integral equations of plane magnetoelectroelasticity for a bimaterial with cracks and thin inclusions

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (09a)


Kryven V. A., Boiko A. R., Kaplun A. V. Plastic exfoliation of square-shaped fiber under shear load in the presence of interfacial cracks

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (10a)


Maksymovych V. M., Prykhodko O. S., Solyar T. Ya. Determination of stresses near elastic inclusions in plates of complex shape

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (11a)


Styahar A. ., Svul Ya. H., Dyyak I. I. Numerical analysis of the stress-strain state for the body with thin inclusion using domain decomposition method

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (12a)


Nikolaev O. G., Tanchik E. A. Stresses in an infinite circular cylinder with four cylindrical cavities

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (13a)


Chernukha O. Yu., Goncharuk V. Ye., Davydok A. Ye. Mathematical modeling the processes of thermodiffusion of decaying substance in a stochastically inhomogeneous stratified strip

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (14a)


Buryk O. O., Drobenko B. D. Stress-stain state of elements of building structures during the fire

2014, 57, No. 3

abstract (15a)


Vahin P. P., Malets R. B., Shynkarenko H. A. Variational formulation of nonstationary problem of thermoelasticity for thin shells compliant to shears and compression

2014, 57, No. 3

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