Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2015. 58, No. 1




2015, 58, No. 1

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Makarov V. L., Gural M. M., Kutniv M. V. Weighted estimates of accuracy of difference schemes for Sturm Liouville problem

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (01a)


Bartish M. Ya., Kovalchuk O. V. On three-step order method for solving systems of nonlinear operator equations

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (02a)


Shavarovskii B. Z. The block-diagonal similarity and semisalar equivalence of polynomial matrices

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (03a)


Prokip V. M. Triangularization of pair of matrices over a principal ideal domain with minimal quadratic polynomials

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (04a)


Antonova T. M., Sus O. M. On some sequences of uniform convergence sets for two-dimensional continued fractions

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (05a)


Bodnar D. I., Voznyak O. G., Myhalchuk R. I. Convergence criteria of branched continued fraction with positive elements

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (06a)


Yankovskii A. P. Practical stability of the cross scheme in numerically integration the equations of the dynamics of flexible thin-walled structural elements under the hypotheses of the Timoshenko theory

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (07a)


Andreykiv A. Ye., Skalsky V. R., Opanasovych V. K., Dolinska I. Ya., Shtoyko I. P. Determination of period of subcritical creep-fatigue cracks growth under block loading

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (08a)


Hodes A. J., Loboda V. V. An arc crack in a homogeneous electrostrictive material

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (09a)


Kozachok O. P., Slobodian B. S., Martynyak R. M. Interaction between two elastic bodies in the presence of periodically arranged interface gaps filled with a real gas

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (10a)


Popov V. G. A crack of the shape of three segments broken line under action of longitudinal shear wave

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (11a)


Babich D. V., Bezverkhyi O. I., Dorodnykh T. I. Effect of continuity violation of material in the form of dispersed microcracks on electroelastic parameters of piezoceramics

2015, 58, No. 1

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Sulym H. T., Opanasovych V. K., Turchyn I. M., Khoma V. V. Transient thermal stress state in a half-strip with coating caused by heating its lateral surface

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (13a)


Dudyk M. V. Effect of the side prefracture zone near the tip of interfacial crack on the contact of its faces

2015, 58, No. 1

abstract (14a)


Ganulich V. K., Maksymuk O. V., Ganulich N. V. Quasi-static thermoelasticity problem for cylindrical shell with heat sources and heat exchange

2015, 58, No. 1

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