Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2016. 59, No. 2




2016, 59, No. 2

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Bodnar D. I., Kuchminska Kh. Yo. The development of the theory of branched continued fractions in 19962016

2016, 59, No. 2

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Kalenyuk P. I., Nytrebych Z. M., Kuduk G., Symotyuk M. M. . .Integral problem for partial differential equations of high order in infinite strip

2016, 59, No. 2

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Ivasyshen S. D., Medynsky I. P. . .On classical fundamental solutions of the Cauchy problem for ultraparabolic equations of Kolmogorov type with two groups of spatial variables

2016, 59, No. 2

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Kuchminska Kh. Yo. Savka I. Ya. Nonlocal boundary-value problem for partial differential equations with constant coefficients belonging to smooth curves....................... ............................................................................. 18

On convergence of some continued -fraction generalization

2016, 59, No. 2

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Makarov V. L., Demkiv I. I. Abstract interpolation Thiele-type fraction

2016, 59, No. 2

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Linchuk Yu. S. Generalized Bessel  Struve operator and some of its properties

2016, 59, No. 2

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Kinash N. Ye. Nonlocal inverse problem for a two-dimensional heat equation

2016, 59, No. 2

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Ilkiv V. S., Strap N. I. . ., . .Nonlocal boundary value problem for a differential-operator equation with weak nonlinearity in the spaces of Dirichlet  Taylor series with fixed spectrum

2016, 59, No. 2

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Shchogolev S. A., Jashitova V. V. On solutions of oscillating type of the countable differential systems with slowly varying parameters

2016, 59, No. 2

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Davydovych V. V. Group classification of a class of Kolmogorov equations with time-dependent coefficients

2016, 59, No. 2

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Dovbnya K. M., Dundar O. D. ., . ., . .Construction and investigation of third-order approximation of solution for thin shallow shells heat equation using Legendre polynomials under stationary heat exchange

2016, 59, No. 2

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Antonenko N. M. . .Problem on axisymmetric torsion of a multilayer plate with elastic bonds between layers

2016, 59, No. 2

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Galishin A. Z., Zolochevsky A. A., Sklepus S. N. . .Investigation of creep and creep-damage of the hollow cylinder based on the spatial and refined shell models

2016, 59, No. 2

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Stankevych V. Z., Butrak I. O., Zhbadynskyy I. Ya. . .Rayleigh wave diffraction on compliant inclusion in an elastic half-space

2016, 59, No. 2

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Klimchuk T. V., Ostryk V. I. . .Smooth contact of the semi-infinite punch with rounded edge and an elastic strip

2016, 59, No. 2

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Krutiy Yu. S. . .Construction of a solution of problem on stability of a bar with arbitrary continuous parameters

2016, 59, No. 2

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Obodan N. I., Guk N. A., Magas A. S. . .Choice of informative input parameters for inverse neural network models of observed systems

2016, 59, No. 2

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