Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2018. 61, No. 4




2018, 61, No. 4

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Ivasyshen S. D., Medynsky I. P. Properties of fundamental solutions, theorems on integral representations of solutions and correct solvability of the Cauchy problem for ultraparabolic Kolmogorov-type equations with two groups of spatial variables of degeneration

2018, 61, No. 4

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Baranetskij Ya. O., Kalenyuk P. I. Nonlocal problem with multipoint perturbations of Dirichlet conditions for even-order partial differential equations with constant coefficients

2018, 61, No. 4

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Pukalskyi I. D., Yashan B. O. . .One-sided boundary value problem with impulse conditions for a parabolic equations with degeneracy

2018, 61, No. 4

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Makhnei O. V. Mixed problem for the differential equation of parabolic type with measures

2018, 61, No. 4

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Kushnir R. M., Nykolyshyn M. M., Rostun M. Yo. Elasto-plastic limiting state of inhomogeneous shells of revolution with internal cracks

2018, 61, No. 4

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Harmatiy G. Yu., Kalynyak B. M., Kutniv M. V. Uncoupled quasi-static thermal elasticity problem for a two-layer thermosensitive cylinder under conditions of convective heat exchange

2018, 61, No. 4

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Vovk O. M., Solyar T. Ya. Thermoelastic state of the contacting thermalsensitive half-space and layer

2018, 61, No. 4

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Tokovyy Y. V., Boiko D. S. . ., . .Solution of a three-dimensional thermoelasticity problem for an unbounded transversely isotropic solid

2018, 61, No. 4

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Bilushchak Y. I., Chernukha O. Y. Modeling of processes of heterodiffusion in two ways with cascade decay of admixture particles. II. Quantitative analysis

2018, 61, No. 4

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Hachkevych O. R., Terletskii R. F., R Ivasko R. O. Modeling of electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical processes in magnetic media taking into account the moment factors

2018, 61, No. 4

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Avramov K. V. ., . ., . .Dynamic instability of shallow shells interacting with three-dimensional potential gas flow

2018, 61, No. 4

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Dubyk Y. R., Seliverstova I. P., Orynyak I. V. . .Application of the short and long solution concepts for computation of natural frequencies for vibrations of cylindrical shells

2018, 61, No. 4

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Protsiuk B. V. . .Nonstationary nonlinear heat conduction problems for half-space

2018, 61, No. 4

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ALPHABETICAL INDEX for 2018 (vol. 61)

2018, 61, No. 4

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