Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2019. 62, No. 1





2019, 62, No. 1

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Ivasyshen S. D., Medynsky I. P. The fundamental solution of the Cauchy problem for degenerated parabolic Kolmogorov type equations of arbitrary order

2019, 62, No. 1

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Baranetskij Ya. O., Kalenyuk P. I. A non-local problem with multipoint perturbations of the boundary conditions of the Sturm-type for an ordinary differential equation of even order

2019, 62, No. 1

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Lopushansky A. O., Lopushanska H. P. Inverse problem on determining a right-hand side of the fractional equation in weight distributions

2019, 62, No. 1

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Shchogolev S. A., Dzhashitova V. V. . .On oscillating-type solutions of the countable system of the differential equations in resonance case

2019, 62, No. 1

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Prokip V. M. The canonical form of involutory matrices over the principal ideal domain with respect to similarity transformation

2019, 62, No. 1

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Holubchak O. M., Zagorodnyuk A. V. Topological and algebraical structures on the set of multisets

2019, 62, No. 1

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Tylyshchak A. A. On number of indecomposable modular representations of cyclic p-group over local ring of finite length

2019, 62, No. 1

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Dziakovych D. O. Extremality of geodesic and criteria for determination of universal multipoint invariants

2019, 62, No. 1

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Prokopyshyn I. I., Styahar A. O. . ., . .Investigation by domain decomposition methods of the contact between elastic bodies, one of which has a thin coating, connected with a body through a nonlinear Winkler layer

2019, 62, No. 1

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Ostrik V. I. The inversion symmetry of solution of the first boundary value problem of elastic theory for a half-space

2019, 62, No. 1

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Grigorenko Ya. M., Bespalova E. I., Boreiko N. P. Stability of compound systems from the shells of revolution with variable Gaussian curvature

2019, 62, No. 1

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Prikazchikov D. A., Chevrychkina A. A., Chorozoglou A., Khajiyeva L. ., . ., . .Elastic surface waves induced by internal sources

2019, 62, No. 1

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Chernukha O. Y., Chuchvara A. Ye. . .Modeling admixture diffusion in a porous body with random spherical pores at commensurable volume fractions of phases

2019, 62, No. 1

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Nemirovskii Yu. V. . .Dynamic bending of plastic polymetallic plates with piecewise-smooth elliptical contours

2019, 62, No. 1

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