Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2013. 56, No. 3




2013, 56, No. 3

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Baran O. Ye. Some circular convergence regions of branched continued fractions of special form

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (01a)


Ptashnyk B. Yo., Repetylo S. M. The Dirichlet Neumann problem in a strip for hyperbolic equations with constant coefficients

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (02a)


lexandrov A. I. Method of solution of three-dimensional contact problem on interaction of two elastic bodies in the presence of friction between them

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (03a)


Martynyak R. M., Prokopyshyn I. ., Prokopyshyn I. I. Contact between elastic bodies with nonlinear Winkler surface layers

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (04a)


Chekhov V. N., Zakora S. V. Stresses in shallow spherical shell loaded by two tangential forces through rigid circular inclusions

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (05a)


Belubekyan M. V., Martirosyan S. R. On destabilizing effect of constructional friction in supports on the plate stability in supersonic gas flow

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (06a)


Lila D. M. On instability of elasto-plastic composite plane rotating circular disc

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (07a)


Kit H. S., Halazyuk V. A. Axisymmetric stress-strain state of a body with a thin rigid disc-shaped heat-proof inclusion

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (08a)


Bogdanov V. L. Effect of initial stresses on fracture of composite material with a near-surface Mode III crack

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (09a)


Grigorenko Ya. M., Rozhok L. S. Investigation of the stress state of complexshaped non-circular hollow cylinders with various curvature

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (10a)


Sklepus S. M. Solution of the axisymmetric creep and creep damage problem for piecewise-homogeneous body with arbitrary shape of meridional section

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (11a)


Kalynyak B. M. Fredholm integral equation of the second kind relative to the radial stresses for determining the thermal stressed state of the hollow long inhomogeneous cylinder

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (12a)


Chekurin V. F., Sinkevych O. O. Boundary-element method for thermoelastic identification of cavity in a long cylindrical body

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (13a)


Pasternak Ia. M., Sulym H. T., Pasternak R. M. Generalized Somigliana identity for thermomagnetoelectroelastic anisotropic solids

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (14a)


Papkov S. O. Harmonic vibrations of a cross-base prism

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (15a)


Fesenco A. A. Mixed stationary heat conduction and elasticity theory problems for a semi-infinite layer

2013, 56, No. 3

abstract (16a)