Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2016. 59, No. 1




2016, 59, No. 1

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Hachkevych O. R., Kushnir R. M. Selected problems of mechanics of coupled fields

2016, 59, No. 1

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Bogdanov V. L., Nazarenko V. M. Analysis of non-classical fracture problems of pre-stressed bodies with interacting cracks

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (02a)


Pelykh V. O., Taistra Y. V. Class of general solutions of Maxwell equations in Kerr space-time

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (03a)


Sukhorolsky M. A. Orthogonal over the domain systems of functions and their application in boundary value problems of mathematical physics l1

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (04a)


Lopushanska H. P., Myaus . M. Restoration of initial values in problem for a time fractional diffusion equation

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (05a)


Tokibetov J. A., Abduakhitova G. E., Sarsekeyeva A. S. Multidimensional analogues of the Cauchy Riemanns system and representations of their solutions via harmonic functions

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (06a)


Nemirovskii Yu. V., Babin A. I. Coupled thermoelasticity problem for multilayered composite shells of revolution. I. Theoretical aspects of the problem

2016, 59, No. 1

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Yankovskii A. P. Study of the spectral stability of generalized Runge Kutta methods applied to initial-boundary value problems for equations of parabolic type. I. Explicit methods

2016, 59, No. 1

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Avramenko O. V., Naradovyi V. V., Selezov I. T. The energy of internal and surface wave motions in two-layered hydrodynamic system

2016, 59, No. 1

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Grigorenko A. Ya., Parkhomenko A. Yu., Vasilieva L. Ya., Borisenko M. Yu. Solving the problem on free vibrations of a non thin orthotropic shallow shell of variable thickness in a refined statement

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (10a)


Grigorenko Ya. M., Rozhok L. S. Effects of variation of orthotropic parameters on stress state of hollow cylinders with concave corrugated cross-section

2016, 59, No. 1

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Opanasovych V. K., Slobodyan M. S. Bending isotropic plate with two equal coaxial through-thickness cracks with accounting the width of a contact zone of its faces and in the presence of plastic zones near its tip

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (12a)


Solyar T. Ya. Viscoelastic stresses in plates containing inclusion with crack

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (13a)


Hrytsyna O. R. A generalized continuum phenomenological model for viscous liquid: accounting local mass displacement

2016, 59, No. 1

abstract (14a)


Chekurin V. F., Boychuk Yu. V. Mathematical model for IR emission tomography of temperature field in isotropic layer

2016, 59, No. 1

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