Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2016. 59, No. 3





2016, 59, No. 3

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Kushnir R. M., Popovych V. S., Protsiuk B. V. On the development of investigations of thermomechanical behavior of thermosensitive solids

2016, 59, No. 3

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Kalynyak B. M., Tokovyy Yu. V., Yasinskyy A. V. Direct and inverse problems of thermomechanics concerning the optimal control and identification of thermoelastic state of deformable solids

2016, 59, No. 3

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Nytrebych Z. M., Malanchuk O. M. . .On the kernel of two-point problem for partial differential equation of the second order in time

2016, 59, No. 3

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Isaryuk I. M., Pukalskii I. D. . .The boundary value problems with impulse conditions for parabolic equations with degenerations

2016, 59, No. 3

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Prokip V. M. The structure of matrices of rank one over the domain of principal ideals with respect to similarity transformation

2016, 59, No. 3

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Bezkorovaina L. L. Geometric aspects of analytic functions

2016, 59, No. 3

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Litynskyy S. V., Muzychuk Yu. A., Muzychuk A. O. Combination of Laguerre transform and boundary element method for solving integral equations with retarded kernel

2016, 59, No. 3

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Yankovskii A. P. Study of the spectral stability of generalized Runge  Kutta methods applied to initial-boundary value problems for equations of parabolic type. II. Implicit methods

2016, 59, No. 3

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Nemirovskii Yu. V., Babin A. I. . ., . .Coupled thermoelasticity problem for multilayered composite shells of revolution. II. Applied problems

2016, 59, No. 3

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Chumak K. A., Martynyak R. M. Effective contact thermal resistence of regularly textured bodies in the presence of intercontact heat-conducting medium and the thermal rectification phenomenon

2016, 59, No. 3

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Kit H. S., Ivasko N. M. Two-dimensional problem of thermoelasticity for a half-space with heat release on a ribbon-like domain parallel to its boundary

2016, 59, No. 3

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Hashemi M., Zhuk Y. A. ., . ., . .The influence of temperature on the cyclic properties of the transversely isotropic nanocomposite system under kinematic harmonic loading

2016, 59, No. 3

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Shevchenko V. P., Zhogoleva N. V. . .Nonlinear second harmonics of localized shear waves in anisotropic layer between anisotropic half-spaces under condition of imperfect contact

2016, 59, No. 3

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Andreikiv O. Ye., Dolinska I. Ya., Lysyk A. R., Sas N. B. . .Mathematical modeling of fracture processes of plates with systems of cracks under long-term loads, high temperatures and corrosive medium

2016, 59, No. 3

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