Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2017. 60, No. 2



2017, 60, No 2

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Shakhno S. M., Yarmola H. P. . .Convergence of Newton  Kurchatov method under weak conditions

2017, 60, No 2

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Savenko P. O., Tkach M. D. Investigation of branching solutions of synthesis problems for radiating systems with a flat aperture according to the prescribed directivity pattern

2017, 60, No 2

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Pukalskyi . D., Yashan B. O. . .Nonlocal multipoint in time problem for parabolic equations with degeneration

2017, 60, No 2

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Prokip V. M. On divisibility with a remainder of matrices over a principal ideal domain

2017, 60, No 2

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Dziakovych D. . Rationale for the Kaluza  Klein theory within the framework of 4-dimensional Riemann  Cartan geometry

2017, 60, No 2

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Selezov I. T. Generalization of Cauchy  Poisson method and construction of equations of Timoshenko type

2017, 60, No 2

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Kirichok I. F., Zhuk Y. A., Karnaukhova T. V. Resonant vibrations and dissipative heating of a flexible viscoelastic beam with piezoactuators accounting for shear strain

2017, 60, No 2

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Kuzmenko V. I., Plashenko S. O. . ., . .Coupled problems of contact interaction

2017, 60, No 2

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Kindratskyi B. I., Nykolyshyn T. M., Porokhovskyi Yu. V. Influence of residual weld stresses on limiting equilibrium of a transversally isotropic cylindrical shell with internal crack of arbitrary configuration

2017, 60, No 2

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Zhuravlova Z., Nerukh D., Reut V., Vaysfeld N. Investigation of idealized virus capsid model with the dynamic elasticity apparatus

2017, 60, No 2

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Chekurin V. F., Postolaki L. I. ., . ., . .Application of variational method of homogeneous solutions for optimal control of axisymmetric thermoelastic state of cylinder

2017, 60, No 2

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Shevchuk V. A. . .Thermoelastic problem for cylinder with thin multilayer coating

2017, 60, No 2

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Kryvyi O. F., Morozov Yu. O. . .Solution of heat conduction problem for a transversally isotropic piecewise-homogeneous space containing two circular inclusions

2017, 60, No 2

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