Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2014. 57, No. 1




2014, 57, No. 1

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Buryachenko K. O., Harabara A. I. Solvability of the Neumann problem in a disk for the fourth order properly elliptic equations

2014, 57, No. 1

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Shakhno S. M. On convergence of accelerated Newton method under the generalized Lipschitz conditions

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (02a)


Polishchuk O. D. On revealing singularities in numerical solution of integral equations of the potential theory

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (03a)


Chernega . V. Semiring in the spectrum of the algebra of symmetric analytic functions on space l1

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (04a)


Prokopyshyn I. I. Domain decomposition schemes based on penalty method for problems of ideal contact between elastic bodies

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (05a)


Popov G. Ya., Protserov Yu. S. Axisymmetric problem for an elastic cylinder of finite length with fixed lateral surface with regard for natural weight

2014, 57, No. 1

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Vasilev K. V., Sulym H. T. Elastic equilibrium of space with a thin curved elastic inclusion under longitudinal shear

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (07a)


Dovbnya K. M., Grigorchuk J. V. Stress state of the shell of double curvature with two collinear cracks under bending loading

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (08a)


Solyar T. Ya. On effective approach to determine the dynamic stresses in layered circular plates based on Prudnikov inversion formula for Laplace transform

2014, 57, No. 1

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Andreikiv O. Ye., Yavorska N. V., Kukhar V. Z. Mathematical models for estimation of residual life-time of plates with cracks systems under actions of long duration static loading, high temperature and hydrogen

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (10a)


Avramenko O. V., Naradovy V. V., Selezov I. T. Conditions of wave propagation in two-layer fluid with free surface

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (11a)


Nesvit K. V. Discrete mathematical model of diffraction problem of E-polarized on slits in impedance plane

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (12a)


Gandel Yu. V., Dushkin V. D. Mathematical model of scattering of a polarized wave on impedance strips located on screened dielectric layer

2014, 57, No. 1

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Hrytsyna O. R. Effect of heating on the near-surface inhomogeneity of electrical and mechanical fields in dielectrics

2014, 57, No. 1

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Budak V. D., Grigorenko A. Ya., Borisenko M. Yu., Boychuk Ye. V. Determination of natural frequencies of an elliptic shell of constant thickness by the finite element method

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (15a)


Plakhtienko N. P. Nonclassical periodic functions: their calculation and application

2014, 57, No. 1

abstract (16a)