Mathematical methods and physico-mechanical fields. 2013. 56, No. 1




2013, 56, No. 1

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Oliyar Yu. I., Storozh O. G. Spaces of boundary values and dissipative extensions of symmetric relations

2013, 56, No. 1

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Bokalo M. M., Domanska O. V. . .Dirichlet problem for stationary anisotropic higher order partial integro-differential equations with variable exponents of nonlinearity

2013, 56, No. 1

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Shakhno S. M., Melnyk I. V., Yarmola H. P. Convergence analysis of combined method for solving nonlinear equations

2013, 56, No. 1

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Kutniv M. V., Pazdriy O. I. Three-point difference schemes of high-order accuracy for systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations of the second order on semiaxis

2013, 56, No. 1

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Chumak K. A., Martynyak R. M. . ., . .Thermoelastic interaction of solids with regular surface texture in the presence of heat-permeable medium in intercontact gaps

2013, 56, No. 1

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Skorodynśkyi I. S., Maksymuk O. V. . ., . .Generalized model of viscoelastic interphase layer or coating taking into account the transverse shear deformation

2013, 56, No. 1

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Dudyk M. V., Dikhtiarenko Yu. V. Investigation of influence of plasticity materials on tensile strength of the composite joint

2013, 56, No. 1

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Kuzmenko V. I., Mikhalchuk A. I. . .Contact problems on elastic bodies motion along hard surfaces

2013, 56, No. 1

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Wang Kai-xing, Pan Yi-shan, Dergachova N. . .Steady-state response and resonance condition of block rock mass on external periodic excitation

2013, 56, No. 1

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Babaev A. A., Yanchevskiy I. V. Influence of an oscillating circuit on the radiation of non-stationary acoustic waves by an electroelastic sphere

2013, 56, No. 1

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Piddubniak O. P., Piddubniak N. G. . .Sound radiation from aircraft during take-off run on runway

2013, 56, No. 1

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Grigorenko Ya. M., Avramenko Iu. A. ., . ., . .Analysis of displacement and stress fields of orthotropic toroidal shells depending on change in thickness and curvature of shell axis

2013, 56, No. 1

abstracts (12a)


Bogdanova O. S. . .Mode I crack initiation in orthotropic viscoelastic plate under biaxial loading

2013, 56, No. 1

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Chekurin V. F., Postolaki L. I. . .Variational method of homogeneous solutions in axisymmetric elasticity problems for semi-infinite cylinder

2013, 56, No. 1

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Dovbnya K. M., Krupko N. A. . .Interaction of collinear surface cracks and circular hole in isotropic plate

2013, 56, No. 1

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Maksymovych O. V., Bortnyk K. Ya., Solyar . Ya. . .Determination of stresses in plates with cracks at discrete contact of their faces

2013, 56, No. 1

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Shvaiko A. Yu., Shvaiko M. Yu. . .Investigation of the diving phenomenon on the stresses  strains intensity diagram for elastoplastic materials under the complex loading

2013, 56, No. 1

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Vaysfeld N. D., Popov G. Ya., Reut A. V. Axisymmetric problem on the stress state of twice truncated cone

2013, 56, No. 1

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Chernukha O. Yu., Dmytruk V. A. . .Mathematical modeling the steady-state processes of convective diffusion in regular structures under mixed boundary conditions

2013, 56, No. 1

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